Sunday, June 10, 2012

My new favorite thing!

Being on time/early most of the time is a great quality to have but it can get you into some serious trouble.  Friday night is a perfect example of this.  Keith & I were going to a cooking class and needed to meet there as I couldn't get out of work early as I had hoped.  I left downtown around 5pm and made it to our destination and parked in about 45 minutes.  Our class would not start for 45 minutes and Keith was stuck in traffic on the Beltway.  As I exited the parking garage, I rounded the corner only to see Lululemon.  Being the good girl I am, I decided to walk around and try to find the less expensive but still super cute, Athleta store.  Unfortunately, I never could find Athleta and so decided I would kill 15 minutes in Lululemon heaven.  While I found multiple things I wanted, I settled on just two things:  a daily tank and a cute new running skirt.  

I saw this running skirt online earlier in the week and they had hardly any sizes left.  I decided it probably wasn't meant to be.  I figured that was probably for the best as I have more running shorts/skirts than I can count.  Keith pointed out that my workout wardrobe out numbers my work wardrobe 3 to 1.  Sadly, I think he's right.  Well, I walked into Lulu and there on the rack I saw the skirt I had admired earlier in the week.  I flipped through the rack and much to my delight, they had my size.  Knowing I didn't NEED it, I decided to try it on anyway.  I mean, what are the chances of it fitting and looking cute.  I mean, most folks sporting the Lulu stuff are smaller than me so of course, look good in it.  I slid into the skirt and knew I was in trouble when it fit.  I declared this a most serendipitous moment and knew the skirt was meant to be mine.  I must be living right I thought.  

Looking good is one thing though.  Would the skirt also prove to be functional?  I wore it out on my long run this weekend and I have to tell you, I was beyond impressed.  The skirt was lightweight, cute and the built in shorts never moved, not even once.  I have about 5 other running skirts and the built in shorts in every pair move around, requiring me to tug at them while running.  Not these though.  When I returned from my run, I burst through the doors and told Keith I would be purging my workout drawer to make room for as many of these skirts as I could find.  I was in love!

I recently purchased 3 running skirts from Athleta which I do love.  Comparing the two skirts though, the Lulu skirt is much better suited for running whereas the Athleta skirts are better for running errands or doing less vigorous cardio (like maybe the elliptical).  

I once declared I would never buy such expensive workout clothes.  Once again, I find myself eating my words as the quality of this skirt really is superb.  For those of you who have been eyeing these skirts, debating whether or not you should get one, let me answer that question for you.....HELL TO THE YES.  Go now before they sell out of your size.  Just a hint:  if you like a little extra coverage, opt for the Tall vs Regular.  I'm just shy of 5'5" (well, 5'6" if the height marker at the gas station is know, the one they have on the door so they can measure thieves as they run out with the loot) and while I am not Tall, decided I wanted to have a little extra insurance in the back.  

Here are some pics of the skirt for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you all have an excellent week!!!!

Front view of the super cute skirt.  My head is cutoff as I just returned from my hot & sweaty run.

The ADORABLE built in shorts.  

Rear view (as if you couldn't tell).  The skirts are a little longer in the back .  For me, the Tall is the perfect amount of coverage.  

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  1. Cute skirt! I love Athleta too - so excited we now have stores in Houston!