Friday, June 29, 2012

Streaming thoughts...not as good as streaming music :)

The past month, I’ve worked super hard to get into a routine that doesn’t cause me stress.  I’m happy to report I’ve been successful so far but know the true test will come when the distances I’m racing start to increase.  I figure though that if I can get the schedule down pat now, it will be easier to stick to later.  I just really want to avoid the stress I felt when training for Ironman Texas 2011.  So what’s the secret to my routine?  Well, nothing really other than I just try to plan a week ahead for everything.  Yes, I am fully aware there are some things you can’t plan for but when you work full time and you have a coach, you can plan for probably 75-80% of each day.  I sit down Monday morning and look at what’s on the work calendar for the week ahead and then I pair that with my training schedule.  I block out when I think I will do my workouts and then I block out some “me” time.  This is usually my commute time and the time in the evening when I’m done working out, showered and just relaxing.  I used to try to catch up on whatever I didn’t do the day before (or week before) and found that I was just going from one “to do” to the next.  So much like a missed workout, if I miss a chore/to do, I don’t try to make it up.  

I forgot to mention in my last post that Keith’s 3rd oldest daughter (Emily) got engaged!  Emily’s fiancée, Daniel, is a really nice guy who clearly LOVES Emily.  An official date hasn’t been confirmed/announced but we have a pretty good idea of when it will be so stay tuned.  Congrats to Emily & Daniel!  And as if that news isn’t big enough, Keith’s oldest daughter just announced she is expecting bambino #2.  And as if THAT isn’t news enough, I’m going to be an auntie again!  So for those of you keeping track, that means there will be two babies joining our families come December….yes, the girls are due a mere 5 days apart.  Holy Batman, Robin!

So Trader Joe’s opened.  Keith & I popped in after a quick trip to Ace.  I kid you not, we were in there 45 seconds before bolting.  It was a nuthouse.  Lines to the back of the store.  I wonder if folks realized there were no lines at HEB.  
And in other news, registration for IMTX 2013 remains delayed.  I read an article recently that sure makes it sound like it will stay in The Woodlands but until I see that in black & white, I’m not getting excited.  Patience is not one of my gifts so you can imagine how well I’m handling this.

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