Monday, May 20, 2013

Ironman Blues?

This time two years ago, Ironman blues were setting in.   I remember laying in bed feeling so down and having no idea why because nobody warned me.  This time around, I was prepared.  Yes, I know some of you are going to laugh at me because you already think I'm super anal but I don't care.  A few weeks before the race, I made two had home projects and the other had future races.  This morning when I woke up, I reviewed my lists when I felt the blues coming on.  See?  Sometimes being prepared is a very good thing. 

I was looking at pictures from the race again and was glad to see the run pictures my family got showed me looking a lot better than I felt.  When I saw the pictures my first thought was, "well that girls looks pretty good...why didn't she run her sub 5hr marathon".  Bad Jenny!  Maybe I looked okay but that was only because my family was there and I was smiling and happy to see them.  I remember very well how I felt that day....stir fried crap.  

I had written my predicted times for each part of the race and put them on a sticky note on the fridge.  I had to take it down yesterday because it made me sad to have the reminder that I didn't hit my goals.  The finish range I had in my head was something like 13:56 (based on my last half iron) to 14:30.   I always knew that meant I was going to need a "best case" scenario which is not what I got on Saturday.  As I've said countless times, I'm so happy that I survived this race.  I've seen the DNF rate was nearly 16% which is almost 10% higher than normal DNF rates at Ironman races.  Wow!

Immediately after the race I told Keith and most people standing around that I was done with Ironman Texas.  In fact, I told Colin & Kerry that on the run course as we were approaching mile 22 I think.  I later told Keith I thought that I may be done with Ironman completely.  As it typically goes though, I find myself rethinking those statements.  I'm definitely not done with Ironman.  I want to finish a race in under 15 hours and I KNOW I can do it.  I have absolutely, positively no doubts I can do it.  I think the question I'm asking myself is whether or not I can do it at Ironman Texas?  I want to be able to do it mainly because this is a hometown race and having my family and friends there is a HUGE boost for me.  I can't imagine doing a race outside of Texas where I may not have the support I have had here.  I don't view Ironman Texas in quite the same way I viewed Galveston 70.3 but I do view it as a race I want to conquer.  What the hell is wrong with me?  Part of me says be grateful I've survived two of them and find a race in a cooler climate.  Then the other part of me is saying that I've raced in some of the toughest conditions and survived....3rd times a charm!!!  Ugh, this sport is too addictive for my addictive personality!

I'm so glad I took today off from work.  There is no way I can go sit at a desk all day.  I plan on taking it easy today and maybe even wear some of my sweet Finisher's gear.  :)  Yeah, I'm THAT girl.  


  1. Making a list! That is BRILLIANT!

    I have a new respect for anyone who completed Saturday's foray, the temps were so intense. Toughness trumps time, methinks.

  2. Agree with Adrienne! Your toughness to finish was amazing. Great job! And yeah, I get the wearing, I'm THAT girl too ;-)