Thursday, May 16, 2013

Race Day Attire....finally!!

How is it that I always wait until the last minute to share this very important information?  

For most of the training season, I thought I would save precious time in transition by not changing.  After talking to my coach and countless others, I decided that comfort needed to be my priority and so I will once again be changing “outfits”. 

For the swim, I will wear my awesome South Coast Endurance tri top along w/ some trusty tri shorts.  I swim in tri suits all the time and since I will more likely than not be wearing my wetsuit, I’m not too worried about drag.  Now, if the water is just way too warm to wear a wetsuit, I’ll throw on a swimsuit.  Thankfully this is my only game time decision to be made.

In T1, I will change my bottoms only and put on my South Coast bike shorts.  I’ve worn tri shorts on long rides but feel like the extra padding from the bike shorts will really keep me happy on this 112 mile journey.  I’m just hoping my support crew can spot me in this kit as it’s not quite as noticeable as the ORR kit I used to wear. 

For the run, I’m going to change into my most comfortable Lululemon shorts and a white Lulu tank and will have on a South Coast visor.  I’ll feel more like a runner and so therefore, will perform more like a runner.  Right?  The outfit is light colored so should help keep me a little cooler in this hot Texas sun.  Although with the temps where they’ll be come Saturday, I could run in a bikini and still sweat balls. 

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